TEAMGROUP DDR5 Gaming Memory Passes Intel XMP3.0 Certification

News Desk: Leading memory provider TEAMGROUP has released a variety of DDR5 memory and applied its advanced R&D capabilities to conduct Intel XMP3.0 certification testing for its next-gen memory modules. After rigorous testing of ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, GIGABYTE and MSI[1] motherboards with Intel processors, TEAMGROUP announced today that all of its T-FORCE DDR5 gaming memory have received Intel XMP3.0 certification, ensuring that gamers can enhance the performance of their processors using T-FORCE’s overclockable DDR5 memory. With just an easy single click, users will be able to fully experience the incredible performance of T-FORCE gaming memory with XMP’s easy-to-use overclocking profiles.

TEAMGROUP’s DDR5 product series strictly uses high-quality, specially selected ICs to provide gamers with stable and compatible memory. Its T-FORCE overclocking memory modules have all passed XMP3.0 certification tests, including frequencies of 4,800MHz, 5,200MHz, 6,000MHz, 6,200MHz and 6,400MHz, making T-FORCE the DDR5 memory brand with the most specification variety under Intel’s XMP3.0 certifications. To meet the demand for high-frequency, low-latency overclocking, TEAMGROUP created a proprietary DDR5 thermal module that enables T-FORCE DDR5 memory to operate smoothly and stably when overclocked to its very limits.


TEAMGROUP will continue to develop more XMP 3.0-certified DDR5 memory with a variety of overclocking specifications to provide gamers with even more choices. These XMP-compatible memory modules will allow gamers to directly access BIOS to get the most suitable memory configuration profile based on their needs, all without having to adjust individual parameters, or they can customize their own profiles. Users will be able to enjoy extreme performance and stable overclocking experience with one easy click.

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