Wadhwani Foundation and TechnTalents Partnered to empower employability skills

Cnews Desk : Wadhwani Foundation, an online-based global employability skill development organization and Techntalents, an ICT job recruitment platform has recently entered into a partnership to work together to improve soft-skills of ICT graduates and professionals to shape their IT/tech career in the job market.

The partnership signing program was held on Thu 30th November 2023 in a hotel in Gulshan, Dhaka. Mr. Estanul Kabir, Senior Program Manager of Wadhwani Foundation in Bangladesh and Mr. Mohammed Asif, Founder & CEO, of Techntalents has signed the partnership document on-behalf of their respective organization.

On the occasion Mr. Sunil Dahiya, Executive Vice President, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation has demonstrated few new AI-based inter-active tools like “My Tutor”, “My Interview Coach” and stated “We are dedicated to improve employability skills of Bangladeshi workforces through our world-class online courses and AI-powered tools.”

Mr. Abu Daud Khan, Vice President (Admin) and Executive Committee member, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) was presented as special guests in the program. Congratulating this partnership, Mr. Daud Khan emphasized the importance of soft-skill development for IT graduates and professionals as the software industry require large amount of employable quality tech resources. He has thanked to Wadhwani Foundation for their initiatives in Bangladesh.

Under this partnership, Techntalent’s registered job seekers can take free inter-active, web-based online soft-Skill course including assessment of their own communication and employability skills. IT Grads/pro’s can add their Soft-Skills ranking/scores in their Techntalents’s IT Job profile. Techntalents will promote the soft-skill courses among the IT literate people, graduates and professionals to avail these courses to add weightage in their career. Wadhwani Foundation’s expert mentors will guide IT job seekers to participate in the online courses.

The program was attended by distinguished officials from both organization. Mr. Shariar Islam from Wadhwani Foundation, Mr. Md. Ashiq Tutul from Techntalents and other officials were presented in partnership program.

About Wadhwani Foundation: Wadhwani Foundation is a global not-for-profit with the primary mission of accelerating economic development by driving job creation through large-scale initiatives in skilling, entrepreneurship, small business growth & innovation. For more info: www.wfglobal.org


About Techntalents: Techntalents is an ICT Job Recruitment Online Platform that facilitates IT and tech related jobs by connecting IT job seekers and employer organization through automated recruitment process. For more info: www.techntalents.com

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