TEAMGROUP’s Durable Industrial Low Power Consumption Memory Cards

Cnews Desk: With COVID-19 ravaging the world, healthcare capacities and health issues of countries worldwide are now a global focus, accelerating the development and progress of eHealth. In the next decade, smart health and healthcare will be a spotlight of the healthcare domain. In response to development trends, TEAMGROUP is launching industrial memory cards in line with the eHealth industry demands and is working with strategic partners from different fields to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare systems.



TEAMGROUP’s Industrial Business Division aims to spotlight the needs of the eHealth industry by offering industrial memory cards that are low power consumption and has high write-in durability. These memory cards support recording data for 14 consecutive days, guaranteeing that all ECG records are written in and stored into the memory cards. TEAMGROUP’s Industrial memory cards is a great and innovative diagnostic tool for cardiologists, inject new blood into the field of eHealth.


TEAMGROUP’s Industrial memory cards, D900/D700/D500 series, are of WT SLC, Durable MLC, and High-speed TLC, respectively. D700 MLC series, specifically, offers low power consumption (<0.15mA), durable, and customized MicroSD memory cards developed for the eHealth industry.


TEAMGROUP’s Industrial memory cards can be applied to ECG recorders for continuous long-term monitoring & write-in, effectively increasing chances of detecting dangerous arrhythmia symptoms such as palpitations, ventricular tachycardia, etc. TEAMGROUP’s industrial memory cards can also help track physical activities to identify potential risks of cardiovascular disease and can be a powerful partner for the eHealth industry. TEAMGROUP owns various storage technologies and patents and has always been highly dedicated to developing industrial products, offering comprehensive solutions, and to protect the health of consumers around the world.


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