TEAMGROUP Two Innovative Industrial Storage Solutions

Leading global memory provider TEAMGROUP has been actively expanding in the industrial field for many years. In response to the development of 5G communication and the increasing demand for smart edge computing, TEAMGROUP today has announced two industrial-grade M.2 PCIe solid-state drives equipped with patented heat dissipating modules, the N75A-M80 and N75G-M80. The two products can be used in a limited space environment and provide excellent cooling performance during 24-hour high-speed operation, overcoming the extreme environments and ever-changing challenges of industrial applications.


To solve the issue of heat generated by SSDs under heavy workloads, TEAMGROUP launched two industrial M.2 PCIe SSDs that feature patented heat dissipating modules: N75A-M80, which comes with an aluminum fin heat sink (Taiwan Utility Model Patent No.: M541645), and N75G-M80, fitted with a graphene copper foil (Taiwan Invention Patent No.: I703921; US Invention Patent No.: US11051392B2). The two patented heat dissipating modules effectively reduce SSD slowdowns caused by high operating temperatures and significantly improve stability. The graphene heat sink of the N75G-M80 has a thickness of less than 1mm, allowing for the SSD to be easily installed without interference. Even in 5G and IoT equipment, where installation space is limited, it can provide excellent cooling performance. The N75G-M80’s outstanding technical performance was recognized in COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2021 and the Taiwan Excellence Awards 2022, winning awards from both.


The N75A-M80 and N75G-M80 utilize DRAM cache chips to speed up SSD read speeds. Their wide temperature technology enables stable operation in harsh operating temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F), making them the best heat dissipating solutions for industrial equipment, such as automotive systems, aerospace equipment, and AI machines. In its pursuit of providing industrial products with exceptional stability, TEAMGROUP provides wide temperature solutions with superb cooling performance. During the process of innovative design, the company is always discovering new possibilities for its industrial products. For more information, please stay tuned to the official website.

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