TEAMGROUP Diversifies with Encryption Product Series, Integrating Security Keys

News Desk: As the development of global technology continues to accelerate, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI applications have become closely linked at the consumer and enterprise application levels, creating a new highly-efficient information age. As the evolution brings greater information security risks, TEAMGROUP has integrated hardware-based encryption technology and security key applications, launching its highly customized data protection product series “Security Solutions” Geared toward keeping user information safe, the first products to be released under this series are the MicroSD Hidden Memory Card, the MicroSD Security Memory Card, and the FIDO USB.

TEAMGROUP MicroSD Hidden Memory Card’s special design allows it to hide sensitive data stored in the cards. With its increased information security, it’s suitable for industries like industrial automation, IoT, and smart manufacturing. The MicroSD Security Memory Card features strong encryption technology to protect sensitive data in memory cards, making it perfect for industries that require a high level of security, such as the finance, medical, and defense industries.

In response to the global rise of the Zero Trust model in data security this year and the greater attention paid to identity security, TEAMGROUP is also releasing a USB storage device with FIDO II authentication technology under its Security product line, which provides more secure and reliable key encryption technology and authentication features. The USB storage device supports touch authentication, an additional layer of login security, and a higher level of password security. It’s built for in-house enterprise applications and most online service platforms (e.g., Google, Dropbox), and other applications requiring identity authentication. By creating a password-free authentication experience, it provides both convenience and security to users. TEAMGROUP will continue to develop specialized storage solutions with secure encryption to help customers implement comprehensive data security protection.

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