TEAMGROUP Announces DDR5 Industrial Server Memory

Cnews Desk : Leading global memory provider TEAMGROUP has been actively expanding in the industrial control field for many years. With the arrival of the new DDR5 generation, the company today announced the DDR5 ECC DIMM and DDR5 R-DIMM Industrial Server Memory modules. In recent years, there has been a steady growth in AI and HPC data applications, driving memory specifications toward higher capacities and greater performance. To meet this rising demand, TEAMGROUP has created multiple solutions with its latest innovations of DDR5 industrial server memory.


Its next-gen server memory modules can reach speeds of 6,400MT/s, come with a maximum capacity of up to 128GB, and operate at 1.1V, resulting in lower overall power consumption. The memory also features two innovations in its power supply architecture and channel architecture. The new power supply architecture shifts power management from the motherboard to the DIMM itself, enhancing signal integrity and resistance to interference. The channel architecture is updated with two independent sub-channels per memory module (DIMM) to significantly improve memory access efficiency and meet the elevated demands of smart platform applications.



For highly sensitive applications, such as those involving medical equipment, aircraft control systems, bank database services, and big data servers, TEAMGROUP introduced Row Hammer Protection Technology and added DFE (Decision Feedback Equalization) support, greatly enhancing the security of the DDR5 memory modules. In terms of PCB design, resistors were removed and replaced with DFE, reducing abnormalities related to resistors, such as damage, resistor value errors, sulfuration, and other phenomena that result in quality issues. This allows industrial storage solutions to be upgraded while providing better protection for server systems.


TEAMGROUP’s industrial DDR5 product series, including U-DIMM, SO-DIMM, and WT-DIMM (Wide Temperature) modules, has entered mass production after samples were sent to high-performance notebook, Network and Communication, and industrial PC industries in Q3 2021. Compatibility testing for the server memory series is expected to begin in Q1 2022. TEAMGROUP strives to add value and diversity to its industrial products by providing a variety of options with excellent stability and reliability. As the environment of technology evolves, the company will release greater and more innovative industrial storage solutions.


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