Retailing Goes Smart with ZKPOS in Bangladesh

ZKTeco’s POS solution makes business operation easy for restaurants, retail & chain stores, wholesale businesses, Supermarkets

Operating a business can be a cumbersome task sometimes. The complexity and inconvenience of operating a cash register software can be a big part of a hassle. Addressing these issues ZKTeco, world’s one of the most renowned biometric security and solutions provider, has launched a smart consumer cash register software called ‘ZKPOS’.

ZKPOS currently has two versions of catering and business, and its strong compatibility allows ZKPOS to be used on most of the existing cash registers. So, it won’t require you to do major changes. Rather you can install the solution and be able to use it in no time.  It supports local storage as well as a cloud solution for remote supervision. The inventory management and background report application allow store managers to have complete visibility of the sales cycle 24X7 even remotely. Multi-location management, multi-store, warehouse management, invoice discount, rounding facility, day close etc. are some of the additional features of ZKPOS to make sure operation cost can be reduce while increasing efficiency. The entire ZKPOS is also a platform-agnostic solution: be it Windows, Android or Web Application, ZKPOS supports it all.

In addition, ZKTeco’s cash register ZKBio series can perfectly match ZKPOS software. The ZKBio series is the newest modular design cash register. ZKTeco’s customized fingerprint reader guarantees your safe use and handles complex cashier environments.

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