Huawei is a glaring example for the world: Mustafa Jabbar

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that Chinese telecom giant Huawei is a glaring example of success for the world. The minister also said that there was a time when we were reluctant to use Chinese products as they reportedly used to duplicate all the products but today the company (Huawei) of that country are ruling the world.

The Chinese people have succeeded in their businesses for research-oriented thoughts on the products, he said while addressing the inaugural function of the three-day ‘Smartphone and Tab Expo 2019’ at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC) in the capital recently.

That day is not too far when the smartphone will be the means of providing services to the people, Jabbar said adding smartphone will be used for taking or getting all government services.

While inaugurating the fair, Mustafa Jabbar also said, Some nine to ten crore mobile handsets are being used in Bangladesh of which 30 percent is the smartphone; but the smartphone will occupy the rest of the space in the next few years. However, we have to look at not only the device, but also look at the content of the device as safe internet is required for the use of all types of devices. The country will go ahead further if we can ensure safe internet and the government is putting frantic efforts in this regard.

The government is focusing on mobile-centric services in all arenas. That day when world-class smartphones will be manufactured in Bangladesh is not far away. In the meantime, many organizations have started to make devices. Apart from this, Bangladesh will provide the facility to produce the products which will not be available in any neighboring or many other countries, said the minister.

High officials from different smartphone brands, media personalities were present on the occasion.


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