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More than 348 million people worldwide have diabetes and this number is likely to be more than doubled by 2030 without intervention, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Near about 8 million Bangladeshi suffer from diabetes where India is soon destined to become the ‘Diabetes capital’ of the world. So the future of Diabetes is not as petite as to ignore, specially the countries like south asia where basic awareness   is not accessible by all.

The only way to combat this epidemic is to ‘Know Diabetes and Know Medicine. To provide world class health care and better quality of life for people from all walks of life ,GDDI is the first of its kind in Eastern India conceived by keeping the present and future magnitude of Diabetes in mind. By 2025 India is expected to have 57.2 Million diabetics. The rising prevalence of Diabetes is explained by the genetic predispositions and incompatible lifestyle of Indians making it the biggest silent killer of our society.

Recently INFOCOM ICT in HEALTHCARE arranged a day long session to focus the ICT use in Health where GDDI was participated and kept light on the above mentioned issues . The session was held on the 12th March, at BIAM Foundation, Dhaka.

Pataka Group has assembled the finest talent in medicine, whether doctors, nurses, technicians or management professionals across a wide spectrum of functions. They are backed up by state-of-the art facilities and support infrastructure. In pursuance of our people-centric philosophy, we will set up a chain of GDDI healthcare units that will take affordable healthcare to the grassroots and establish GDDI as a brand that stands for universal healthcare.

With the vision to envisage being one of the leading healthcare providers nationally and globally wholly towards the delivery of cutting edge wellness solutions with a humane touch the Hospital with the value as they perceive compassion and empathy as integral to our efforts to address the concerns of people and society.

GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, India is a dream come true for Mr. Mustak Hossain, Chairman of the Pataka Group of Industries to perpetuate the dreams of his philanthropic parents.

GDDI offers affordable yet state-of-the art medical solutions for a wide range of ailments with special emphasis on Diabetes care and related complications. Equipped with contemporary technology, experienced staff and reputable doctors, GDDI endeavors to reach out to wider areas of Bengal with education and improved community care of diabetes.

Headquartered in the heart of Kolkata, India, the group meets the requirements of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, the North Eastern states and Bangladesh.

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