Dmoney as the Top 10 most convenient wallets to watch in 2019

D Money Bangladesh Ltd ( today announced that APAC Business Headlines Magazine has named it among the “10 Most Convenient Wallets to watch in 2019”. Dmoney is the only wallet from South Asia to make an entry to the top 10. APAC Business Headlines is a magazine that brings together CIOs, CXOs, and other technology decisions makers to speak on the evolution of technology and industry trends.

This issue reviews the leaders in the Fin Tech Industry that are doing business in the APAC region. The authors shed light on how these wallets are poised to evolve into fin tech companies with their domain-specific knowledge, sound marketing strategies, and innovative products. Among the listed companies, Dmoney has been named as one of the Leaders in the Fin Tech space.

APAC Business Headlines highlights the role Dmoney is playing to shift towards a digital Bangladesh. Dmoney was co-founded by Sonia Bashir Kabir, and Aref Bashir, both Silicon Valley returnees. The chairman of D Money is Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, also a renowned entrepreneur of the country.

Sonia is the Vice Chairman and co-founder of D Money. Besides winning the prestigious “Founders Award” in 2016 given by Bill Gates to 10 handpicked Microsoft employees every year among its 100,000 employees, Sonia was also recognized as one of the 10 Sustainable Development Pioneers globally in 2017 by the United Nations Global Compact. She says, “’Digital inclusion (with payments as a common denominator) is a key to moving the status of a country from Least Developed Country (LDC) to the middle economy.

“We began our journey with the challenge of financial inclusion and realised that inclusion is a myopic view of the world. Either you are included or excluded. The real problem to solve is the challenge of building an “ecosystem” around homes/small & medium businesses and offer them all the products and services they need to operate effectively with productivity and succeed in their endeavors. Our business strategy is expanding from just financial inclusion to a digital ecosystem of financial well-being. The innovations we see are around this ecosystem is what we are building in D Money. Watch out for D Money’s launch in September where we will share exciting and game changing tech disruptions.”

Aref, the Managing Director and co-founder of Dmoney remarked, “Bangladesh is a large market that is underserved. Digital Lifestyle and Financial Services is the need of the hour. Dmoney aims to rise to the challenge and fulfill this demand. It will build, partner and be the enabler and is committed to resolving the cash to digital transformative barriers”.

Under the leadership of Sonia and Aref, Dmoney has gained recognition globally and forming astounding partnerships to create a benchmark in digital financial services in Bangladesh.

“We are honored to be part of this list alongside other great companies. Dmoney is expected to see tremendous growth in the APAC region in the coming years. This growth is attributable to Dmoney’s technology and we built our own software and have 100% Intellectual Property (IP) rights, our excellent R&D and Customer Success teams, as well as our network of reliable business partners.” says Sonia.

D Money was formed to gradually diminish the barriers for ensuring the shift to a cash-less, digital economy occurs. The primary motive was to use technology to construct a digital ecosystem where partners, stakeholders, and consumers could combined operate on a single platform added Aref.

APAC business headlines highlights the strength of D money as superior tech company. They write:

Designed with customers and partners in mind, the extensible API-driven Dmoney platform is highly secure, robust, scalable and easy to use.  It subscribes to the PCI-DSS and PA-DSS guidelines along with Bangladesh Bank regulatory guidelines for banks on IT and payments and security. Moreover, its internal controls & compliance teams thoroughly audits the platform at every stage to ensure customer security and trust is safeguarded. It is OWASP top 10 tested (A leading Security framework) and has real time Data replication and backup. It also ensures end to end encryption with all sensitive data encrypted at rest and in transit.

“Platform security, internal compliance, and robustness of the Dmoney platform are key areas of focus for Dmoney. We have a strong team of dedicated software engineers who have tirelessly built the Dmoney platform focusing on transaction stress tests per minute, cracking all possible problems of noncompliant transactions and providing a safe wallet for customers with layers of in-built security,” remarked Sonia.

Key elements of Dmoney:

  • Licensed to operate in all financial streams
  • Dmoney serves both B2C and B2B Market segments
  • Nation’s 1st interoperable QR (EMVCo compliant)
  • Innovation in B2B Supply Chain Digitization
  • All services in one platform → 360° services
  • International standards in security protocols, Central Bank Audited
  • Key strategic partnership across Market Verticals



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